Key disciplines

Key disciplines

What We Do

As designers, engineers, program managers, and trainers we cover a swath of disciplines which fall under our core work sets. No matter the speed, size, or management requirement we lend our skill sets effectively to match. We are always open to discuss programs and work scopes which fall inside and even outside our core disciplines. Our four key disciplines are the following

Naval Architecture

We draw on our inhouse expertise of 25 years together with our partners to help develop new customer concepts or to incorporate our proven hull designs into client’s requirements.
Our fundamental strategy is focused on the operationality of the vessels and the end users’ requirements. This same logic covers larger moderate speed vessels all the way up to ultra high speed craft.
Once parameters and requirements are fully assessed we validate safety margins based on sea states and operational criteria.
From this, one of our proven hulls are selected, modified, or a new hull development program is followed. Hull structural is then designed and engineered to fit operational envelope as well as class requirements.
In parallel CFD studies and hull optimizations are run. Powering and general arrangements are developed together with a prelim weight, CG, and BOM study.
Vessel design is presented to client and if satisfactory the next phase is started. This involves creation of the production drawings.
Scheduling and tracking of milestones is reported on weekly basis.
Once production starts the team are available for multiple yard visits, sea trials, training, and even production or build management assistance.

  • Full Naval Architecture Work Scope
  • Project from 8 to 150mt
  • leusure, Defense, Megayacht, Commercial

Project Management

Consultancy services providing experienced hands on production and project management resources to run or assist in any build program large or small, with a key emphasis on team efficiency and responsibility. We have over 30 years’ experience managing projects from production line set up and build management of 8m military RIBs all the way up to 140m mega yachts, and 240m cruise liners.
Our diversity and scope of experience is our strength.
We have certified project managers who can be utilized at any capacity to ensure a logical and efficient build strategy is developed and maintained until delivery.
We emphasis simplicity of functional processes and rely on the experience and collective benefits of working together hands on as a team.
With over 40 programs successfully delivered we have what it takes to set up, implement, and improve methods which can save time and costs to the builder.
Explore the possibilities of PM consultancy no matter what the effort required, we are here to help shed new light onto low efficiency, high overhead processes.

  • Project management
  • Processes management
  • megayacht, luxury, cruise lines

Research & development

Norson Design have always pushed the limits of understanding from hull lines to propulsion, from data acquisition to new production methods.
We are liaised with various institutes, industry partners and scholastic bodies to push the boundaries of traditional marine design, construction, and management disciplines.
Publishing papers and speaking at events fortify our presence and empower us think outside of the box. Unique problems require unique solutions and we have proven that using our standard R and D processes we are able to prove with data the validity of new concepts which posse significant advantages over the traditional main stream approaches.
Our processes include computational studies using bespoke software, tow and remote model testing, and scale prototype testing.
We are ahead of the current green trend having developed such programs and technologies over a decade ago which are now becoming more and more popular.
To learn more please contact us, we are willing to discuss some of our current activities in Germany and France which may interest.
In short, by remaining loyal to technology integrations and test programmes we will propel the industry into a position comparable to the other main transportation sectors.

  • Research&development
  • material and hull design
  • defense, military


No vessel and its foreseen operations and support can be successful without the correct means of training and technology transfer.
This is also relevant to build and management processes.
As our vessels are designed around end user safety and operationality we pride ourselves in that we not only provide design and build packages but stand behind our efforts by supplying critical training needed to ensure success.
We aim to cover a wide range of attributes with training realised for crews, maintenance staff, logistics teams, and operational support.
High speed operations are our noted expertise, however training also includes project management, planning, production logic and build strategy support as well as QAQC.
In short we emphasis the need to learn and teach as we always learn from our clients as we know they do from us.
Contact us to walk through your requirements and propose solutions no mater wat effort is needed.

  • Training
  • crew training
  • military, speed boat, defense

Our Process

We embrace simplicity by effectively strategizing and controlling a program from start to finish. Our experience guides us to formulate the correct process for clients. We strive to embrace cutting edge technology and developments into each and every program, but sand firmly behind the benefits of strong team communications, resource management, and tracking from conception to finalization.


Key client interactions and validations
Preliminary Planning and goal definitions
Finalize path as a team.


Undertake first phase design strategy
Drawing developments or management planning proposal
Start program utilizing agreed tracking and milestone structures


Focus on hands on production or design office interactions
Efficiency and cost savings strategies
Constant monitoring, tracking, and predictive planning